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TMCA members, I want to give you a few tips on collecting German WWII bayonets.  First of all when looking at a German Mauser bayonet it may be called a few different names:  the: K98, K98k, M98, Nazi or simply Mauser bayonet.  The second thing to note is to ensure that the numbers on the riccasso of the blade match the numbers on the scabbard. This can be difficult if a frog or leather hanger is on the       scabbard. However, once you determine if the bayonet has matching numbers, then check to see if the bayonet has been sharpened. A sharpened bayonet is less desirable for collectors since a German Soldier probably didnít do itÖthey had a regulation prohibiting it.  Once you have determined that the bayonet is matching and unsharpened you want to look for condition. It is very hard today to find excellent matching unused condition bayonets.  Most are used and have honest dings and wear on them. That is okay! The frog will have worn the scabbard a bit if carried and if heavily used will most of the bluing will be worn off.  The final thing to look for in a bayonet is whether or not you like it! Mismatched and sharpened      bayonets are collected but they are not as desirable by bayonet collectors.
The Germans from the mid 1930-1945 put several different markings and inspector stamps (WaAmt) on their bayonets. The mid 1930ís one will see the S Code bayonets, and then you will see maker codes for example E.F. Horster in the late 1930s. Then finally in 1940 they changed to a SECRET 3 digit code e.g. asw, fnj, cof, to name a few. In total about 17-manufacturer stamps can collected during the Second World War. Also note that the bluing on German bayonets changes from a top quality in the 1930ís to a phosphate finish at the end of 1944.  As in any piece of militaria, condition is important especially when you want to resell the item. If you are at any TMCA show and want me to talk about your bayonet, feel free to stop on by my table. I will have a Bayonet Collectors Network (BCN) flag displayed. Bayonet collecting is fun and hope more TMCA members will begin to add a bayonet or two in their collection!  Feel free to email me with any bayonet question you would have, if I donít have the answer I will find out for you!  John C.Jacobi, email  address:  bcnhq@mchsi.com.			   	


Our 2004 Fall/Winter Show was a huge success with a sellout of all tables.  Many vendors said this was their best ever!   We had sixteen displays with history from many periods and collecting interests so diverse and varied.  We appreciate all who take the time and effort to put together a display for the enjoyment of those attending the show, whether paying guest or TMCA members.  Those receiving awards for their     displays are listed below:   

1st Place 		Highland Regiments of the British Army  	TMCA Member, Ray Martin
2nd Place 		Repel Borders 				TMCA Member, Sam Barnes
3rd Place		GI Joe						TMCA Member, Paul Nordstrom	

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