Display award winners     Fall show 2006

Judges:     Steve Griffith,     Bill Brooks,      Jimmy Howell

              1st Place                               2nd Place                               3rd Place

                   Joe Martin                                           Robert Wilson                                           Bill Combs

      WW11 German NSPAP Hats                         82nd Division WW1                           Spanish Colonial War

Trey and Garnett Stancil, always with a nice display at every show. If you have questions on Japanese weapons just visit them at their table.

WW1 Vickers Machine Gun

Displayed at the Tennessee     Military Academy Ball

Lowes Vanderbilt Hotel


Bill Alexander

WW2  USMC Veteran

Wounded on Iwo Jima

Visit Bill at the show and buy a copy of his book. Bill wrote the book about his experiences during in WW2

“I wonder if this was the Japanese solider who shot Bill on Iwo Jima ?”


Nice display !

Volume 32, Issue 1                                                                           The TMCA News                                                                                        Page 4