Bob Pope’s February gun show was a big hit !!

Bob Pope has moved his Gun Show to the Williamson County Agriculture Expo and invited the TNMVPA  (Tennessee chapter, Military Vehicle Preservation Association )  to set up with him. I was unable to attend due to the fact that the SOS Show in Louisville was the same weekend (Bob says he will not do that next year). Feedback has it, that this show was one of his best ever, the new location is great ! Selling tables for his next show (June 22 thru 24) are almost sold out, so if you’re thinking of setting up, call Bob ASAP.

The TNMVPA guys were able to use the arena and had a large turnout, over 30 vehicles indoors.

              Arena Floor                                      2 1/2 Ton CCKW                            M170 Jeep and MASH

Did you know?

We all see them, they're dozens at every show. They are very attractive and are relatively inexpensive to buy  ( $25-$75) depending on class, Bronze, Silver or Gold.

The WW2 German Mothers Cross

But did you know that there are two versions of each class, Type I and Type II. Why is this important? Because the early Type I is rare and very valuable, usually bringing $1,200 -$2,000. They both almost look the same, in fact the only real difference is the writing on the back. Type I will have the words “ Das Kind adelt die Mutter” Adolf Hitler. Type II will have only a date “ 16, Dezember 1938” Adolf Hitler. Type I crosses were only produced for a short period of time and quickly replaced by the Type II. Years ago a ran across a dealer friend of mine who was walking through a show looking at every Mothers Cross he saw. When I asked him why, he stated “ I’m looking any Type I  that is miss priced, I have found two before”.

            Type I                            Type II                                    Type I                            Type II

Note the small scratches on the back of the Type II in the picture, The veteran I purchased it from just had to scratch it, just had to make sure that it was not  made from real gold, so he said to me……..aaaahhh !

Volume 32, Issue 1                                                                       The TMCA News                                                                                           Page 5