Display award winners     Spring show 2007

Judges:     Jim Broadus,     Dave Hoagey,      Jimmy Howell

              1st Place                               2nd Place                               3rd Place

       Brian Henson: Iraqi Freedom         David Rogers: Iraqi Freedom      Paul McCombs: German Paratroopers

Page 4                                                                                         The TMCA News                                                                Volume 33, Issue 1

         Honorable mention:        Bill Price

As a board member, Bill is not eligible for a display award, however we would still like to thank him for displaying a fine set of relics in honor of his uncle Sgt. Alexander Gwin, 2nd Armored Div. ETO,  Sgt. Gwin liberated these items from Germany during his tour of duty in WW2. Several nice SS items were included in this display and Bill was happy to allow follow collectors a chance to study them.

The All Academy & ROTC Parents Club                     


They said thanks the following members for setting up Militaria displays at the annual Academy Ball in Nashville last December:

    Pat Gibson, Dave Hoagey, Jimmy Howell, Rick Moody, David Pemerton, Charles Runion.



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