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FOR SALE:    Browning Model 1919A4 Semi-auto with tripod and T&E. Includes 2000 Rounds of Link belted .308 ammo and lots of spares.  $3,500 Call: Mike Ezell at  615-395-4708

WANTED:  I’m looking for a WW2 Aviator’s maps of England and the North Atlantic, I am also looking for the following Russian medals: WW2 2nd class “Partisan” medal and the “Victory over Japan 1st and 3rd variations.                  Call: CB Waldo 615-405-7180 or

TRADE: I have 300 rds. of .308 ammo (head stamp marked :o 308w o 82, Brass case, FMJ Ball. This seems to be very consistent, accurate ammo. It is in light green 20 rd boxes. I would like to trade it for 300 rds. of  7.5 Swiss, I also looking for leather Swiss K-31 ammo pouches to purchase or trade for. Bill Price, TMCA member # 6,phone 615-371-8027

FOR SALE: Hotchkiss 1.65 inch Cannon, made in 1890. This actual gun was used in the filming of the Disney movie “Hidalgo”. Same type gun used in the Battle of Wounded Knee. $40,000. Contact: Dave Hoagey, TMCA member # 5 at: 615-479-4569 or email

WANTED: Original German WWII helmets and combat awards especially German Crosses, Iron Crosses, Infantry Assault badges, Panzer Assault Badges, etc. Also seeking original Knight's Cross ribbon.  Contact Calvin at  865-368-0682.

FOR SALE: AR-15 Pre-ban Early Colt, Vietnam era style with three prong flash. $1,200 Contact Jimmy Howell at 615-642-9726.

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Upcoming Events

SOS 2008, OVMS Show of Shows; Louisville, KY. Feb 21-24, 2008

TMCA Military Show: Nashville, March 21-22, 2008 (615) 661-9379 @ Franklin Marriott Cool Springs

TNMVPA’s Military Vehicle Show in conjunction with Bob Pope’s Gun Show, June 21-22, 2008. This will be their first vehicle show. Vender space is available. Call 615-300-0818 or 615-390-5266. Williamson County Expo.

Question: I have two sets of paratrooper wings, both with a star added. The stars are mounted in different locations. What is the difference?

Answer: A star mounted “ON” the wing is for an actual “Combat Jump”. Sgt Lazenby, 505 PIR of Nashville, has 4 stars on his wings from WW2. When asked how they were put on, he stated ” First thing we all did when we got back to England from a jump, was to find a drill, made a hole and add on a star to our wings. The star usually came from an old ribbon bar. We were very proud to wear those gold combat jump stars on our wings”.

A Star on “Top” of the wing means you’re a Senior Parachutist,  30 jumps minimum and being on jump status for 24 months. These can all be peacetime jumps. Collector note: This wing is made by post war by F.W. Assmann & Sohn of Germany, for occupation troops. Note the fine detail in the feathers and the ‘A’ mark.