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Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at the Piccadilly Cafeteria on Murfreesboro Road in Nashville at 6 pm.††††††† November 13, January 8, February 12,† March 11† , April† 8, 2008.


FOR SALE:††† Model 1862 Gatling Gun, full scale in .58 caliber black powder.† Custom made reproduction gun on full size carriage made of teak wood. $25,000. Call† Dave Hoagey 615-859-5040 or email: dhoagey@comcast.net

FOR SALE:††† MP- 40 Submachine gun. Class 3, C&R local Vet bringback, all matching except barrel. $13,000.† Call: Bill Price 615-371-8027

FOR SALE:††† MP- 40 Submachine gun. Class 3, Phoenix Armory. $8,500. call: Dave Hoagey at 615-859-5040 or email: dhoagey@comcast.net

FOR SALE:††† Cowboy Action shooting cart. Wood, holds 5 rifles, pistol/ammo boxes, spoke wheels. $75.00† Call Jim Broadus at 615-672-6873


Upcoming Events

†† TnMVPA† Watertown display: November 10 from 9-3. Watertown, TN

†† TMCA Military Show: Nashville, TN† November 23-24 (615) 661-9379 @ Franklin Marriott Cool Springs

†† Civil War Show, Nashville† December 1-2† State Fairgrounds†† http://www.mikekentshows.net/cw_tenn.asp

†† Bob Pope Gun Show:† December 7- 8- 9† 615-391-2315†††† Williamson County Agricultural Expo Center

†† SOS 2008, OVMS Show of Shows:† Louisville, KY,† Feb 21-24†† www.sosovms.com


†† Bob Popeís Gun Show: June 22, thru 24th†† Williamson County Agriculture Expo www.bobepopeguns.com

If you pre-register before you leave the current show, we will put you down for the same spot that you are currently in. If you wish to move, please put in a request and we will do our best to accommodate you. Wall tables are at a premium, and there is a waiting list, but that does not mean itís impossible to move to them. Some guys Ďdo notí reserve them in advance for the next show and just assume theyíll get the same spot...not!† Itís not our job to read the dealers minds, if you want a table, please reserve it or weíll give it away. The show is now becoming† sold out on each event, thatís great news for everyone except the procrastinator. With over 260 tables, itís hard to know what everyone wants, without your inputs and reservations. If you wait until the last minute, donít be surprised if your table spot was given away to someone on the standby-list. This not only makes it easier for us, but it makes it easier for the other dealers who would like to firm up their travel plans. Bill Price as Show Director, handles most of the table reservations. Please keep in mind that this is our club, not a full time job for Bill, he has a real job that feeds his family and is his top priority.† It is not uncommon for Bill to call someone's answering machine 6 or 7 times just to find what their plans or request are. If you multiple this by over 100 dealers, you can see how much time this process takes. Bill is a kind and patient man, but† lets donít push our luck with him. I appreciate what he does, but I donít wish to take over this job :)††††††††† Bottom Line: Before you leave the current show, see Linda or Bill Price, fill out the form in your dealer packet and drop off a check...you can always cancel later if you need to.