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Veteran Brings   “1870 Grand Cross”   into Spring TMCA show.

A very pleasant WW2 Army Veteran and his wife came to our spring show with several nice items of which he brought back from Europe.  A Cholm shield, Silver Tank Destruction strip and several other nice items were among them. Of interest was the 1870 Grand Cross. While this was obviously not a “true” 1870 Grand Cross, it is still very old and interesting. Via contact with several prominent  European dealers, the consensus is, that it was most likely made for the 1913 centennial of the “Iron Cross”, a celebration of which many medals were made and displayed for the “100 years of the Iron Cross”. The Ribbon in fact, is a period (early 1900’s), Pour le Merite ribbon, which is sewn to the medal in a display fashion only. The medal is 3 piece construction with a magnetic Iron center. The Crown on both sides are of very high relief and stand well above the rim. It has no markings on it of any type. The acorns on back are not correct for a true Grand Cross, it should have four not two, Two is correct for the Iron Cross 2nd class. The overall dimensions of the medal however are correct for a Grand Cross.



What will walk into the Fall 2007 Show ?

Club Dues and Display table rates will rise on January 1, 2008    :(

Due to postage and overall cost increases, it was voted to raise the annual dues from $10 a year to $15. Effective Jan 1, 2008. This is the first increase in over 20 years, and it’s still cheaper than any other club out there. Lifetime is now $150,  5 years is $50, and kids under 12 will stay at $5.00/yr.

Display table rates increase. Due to the rising cost of show rent, it was voted to raise the display tables to $35.00 effective for the Spring 2008 Show. We elected to keep the walk in fare the same at $5, and the dealer tables the same at $45 for all members. We all hate increases, but we at least need to break even.