Page 2                                                                    The TMCA News                                                   Volume 33, Issue 2


The Fall 2008 Show is SOLD OUT with more than a month left before the show! This is becoming the norm rather than the exception.  What a wonderful situation to be in.  There is a waiting list for those who want tables, many who sent in a check, assuming there was time left to reserve them.  

WANT TABLES FOR THE SPRING SHOW 2009?   Follow these guidelines: 

Want the same tables you currently have?  Use the pre-registration form in your dealer packet (or get one from the ladies at front or dealer table), fill out completely and leave a minimum deposit of $10. per table before the end of the show to guarantee your present location. Many prepay for the full amount before the end of the current show and we certainly appreciate it. Those who do not fill out a pre-registration form with deposit at the show may not get their current location if someone else requests and pays for that location before the conclusion of the show.

If you don’t pre-register at the show, when you contact Bill Price about tables available, the payment for table is due within 14 days of that contact.   No tables are held without payment after 14 days.  You will be notified at the contact number you provided that you failed to submit payment to hold the tables. 

Beginning the first of the full month prior to the show (March 1, 2009 for the Spring show next year) payment must be paid in full for those who have waited to request tables, if any are still available.  This allows all funds to clear the bank and memberships to become active before show date.

Do you know that those who are paid in full at the dealer set up time, 9 am on Friday, come into the loading door, go through the “Paid in Full” Express line, sign their Release of Liability form and go directly into the hall.  No lines to wait in and no payments to make.  It’s easy and efficient; they come in and within minutes are ready to set up and enjoy the show!  So, save yourself some stress and guarantee yourself a table at the TMCA shows by adhering to the procedures above. 

 Question:    If we are sold out, why do we not just expand the show?

 Well, we have looked into that, and we would have three options.

1.    Move to a new location. We really do not wish to do that right now. The Marriott treats us very well, and every collector we’ve  talked to, really likes the current location. We all would rather have a smaller show of quality,  in a nice location, than a slightly bigger show in a dump.

2.    Add an additional room. This could be done, but who wants to be in it. Nobody likes being in the “other” room and I do not blame them. I set up once in the “other” room at the OVMS Show at the old Drawbridge and hated it. I vowed never to do it again. No people, no action, it’s just not fun. In addition, an extra room would raise our cost considerably , increase  rent, double security and additional door monitors.  Right now, we feel it’s not worth it.

3. Put more tables in the room we have. This may be possible and we have and will, continue to look into this option One of our rows is a double wide. The current dealers fight to keep their tables in this row because of this extra room and this option would effect them. We can build that row to match the others and then add another row. This would not only require moving that row, but we would also have to narrow the gap between all table rows. Right now the spacing is 5’10” between rows, and we would have to narrow it down to about 5’ feet. This is possible, but is it smart? It will meet fire codes, but what about reality. Anyone that has even been to Knob Creek knows that once the rows get too narrow, it’s just not fun anymore. The OVMS tried this for awhile at the Drawbridge, and I think it created a lot of complaints. Theft goes up when people get crowded, tempers start flying, and if you’re in a wheelchair just forget it. Again we have to ask ourselves, is it worth the added hassle for a few more tables?

                        TMCA on Yahoo Groups ! 

 Just in case you may not know it; the TMCA has a site on Yahoo groups. It’s free to join and use and is a great asset to our club. To sign up, you just need a yahoo account (free) and them you add the following group: TennesseeMilitaryCollectorsAssociation or Tennessee Military Collectors Assn. to your Groups page. You can visit the site at:

It is easy to use for receiving or posting club news, questions, anything related to our hobby. Please do not post email jokes, political stuff etc. just keep it all hobby related. If you need help signing up, email me at and I’ll send you an “Invitation to join” with the instructions. NOTE: you do NOT need to use Yahoo as your server, email or anything else; anyone can use this as long as you have access to the internet by any means.