Page 6                                                              The TMCA News                                                   Volume 33 Issue 1


WWII German:M31 tropical canteen, $150.00, M31 Zeltbahn $125.00, M30 Gas Mask and canister $200.00, K98 bayonet, wood grips, original Vet bring back $200.00, EM/NCO  Gott Mit Uns belt buckle $100.00. Original MP40 mags  EX. $65.00 each, MP40 firing pin $40.00 (original, not from Belgian VERIGNON MG) I have one of those also, it consists of a telescoping recoil spring, bolt and firing pin system. Works fine in an MP40 You can use this and save the real parts $100, MP40 bolt original, $250.00, MP40 receiver lock ring $50, MP40 SLINGS $50, MP40 loaders $75.00 each. I have two. I also have STEN MK3 and MK2 sets for sale,$100 AND $200. STEN mags $6.00, M3 grease gun mags $15.00 each. BAR mag $20.00, in sealed wrap.

Model 1907 DREYSE .32 AUTO PISTOL $175.00,

Lend Lease Garand, pre-PEARL HARBOR date 98% cond. $4,000.00,

Model 97 WINCHESTER TRENCH GUN $3,500.00 98% cond.

TYPE 98 JAPANESE AIRCRAFT MACHINE GUN, runs perfect, cal. 8mm MAUSER, Many accessories $21,500.00.

1917 A1 WATERCOOLED MACHINE GUN has tripod, water can, hose, belt loader, spare belt, ammo box,1917 MACHINEGUN CART all for $21,500.00                                

Bill Price TMCA #006  (615) 371-8027

                                  Display Award Winners                         Spring Show 2008

                      1st Place                                                 2nd Place                                              3rd Place                                       

                 Jim Dawson                                              Ron Black                                            Pat Gibson

Jim Dawson: Japanese Swords               Ron Black: British Airborne             Pat Gibson: Civil War Buckles

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RARE ! Original Civil War Cannon on it’s original Sea carriage.

6 Pounder Iron Treadwell      Cannon made in 1844 under government contract.

      $50,000         Contact Dave Hoagey 

   (615) 479-4569    or

FOR SALE :   $350.00

Early WW2 Hawley M1 Helmet Liner. Has Rayon webbing. Early fixed chinstrap style, but strap and one rivet are missing. Overall it is in above average condition. Rare to find.

Contact: Jimmy              (615) 642-9726


Japanese (Jinsen Arsenal, Korea) bayonet;  appears to be unissued and with original lacquer on grips.  Absolutely no problems.  It is an early production with hooked quillon.  The frog is in excellent condition as well.  $395.00

German (WWII) Infantry badge;  late production, maker marked, NOT a reproduction.  Fine condition. $195.00

Russian “Defense of the Caucasus” medal.  Not a reproduction.  Excellent condition.  $90.00

Half-stock percussion rifle, about .37 caliber, excellent firing condition.  Made by Morgan Olmstead of Cuyhoga county New York and so marked.  Circa 1850.  Beautiful wood and ornate patch box.  $1895.00

Several oriental rugs (Iran), all over 40 years old and in excellent condition.  All are about 4’ x 7’ and in varying colors.  $400.00 each or all five of them for $1750.00.

WWI brass rosary, U.S. military issue, and in fine condition.  Quite rare.  $300.0.

Luger holster, made by Gebruder Klinge, Dresden, 1936, black and in very good condition.  $280.00  

Ted Wylie.  615-834-5878 (H), 615-460-8108 (W)