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 Used for the M1914 Hotchkiss and M1907 Saint Etienne Machine Guns. Restored in working condition. Contact Hume Parks at 615-292-3020  or  humeparks@comcast.net

FOR SALE:  Springfield Model 1884 .45-70 Trapdoor Rifle with Ramrod Bayonet.$600 Contact Henry Queener 615-773-1977

CLASSIFIED ADS       Ad’s are free for all TMCA members – email:  dhoagey@comcast.net

SEARCHING FOR: I loaned a German Luftwaffe helmet to a collector friend in Georgia to use in a display.  After he died in the early part of 2007, I believe this helmet may have been sold by his widow through a third party Tennessee contact.  If you have purchased a Luftwaffe helmet in 2007 or 2008 from someone in the Tennessee area please contact Bob Lee at (615) 790-1420.

WANTED: Older Army Band, Chorus and Honor Guard shoulder tabs - Army, Division or other.  Also looking for some tabs from the 6th Infantry / Berlin Brigade, 287th MP Platoon and other ETO tabs.  Will buy those that I need or try to trade for.  Contact Mike Jorgensen, at (404) 915-1342 or mjorgen565@aol.com.










FOR SALE:  Full set of U.S. WWI Field Gear call Scott Sallee (615) 483-1703.





Model 1915





1919 X2 MODEL FOR SALE. In great used condition. Bolt can be cocked back and trigger function works. Great over size display item for the gun collector to display. Comes attached to wood base board. Asking $1,000 or will take possible trades. Email: GWBLUEBERET@AOL.COM   or                       Call 615-339-4183            Mike Sears

FOR SALE- Dummy/Demilled M1A1 Thompson, Not A JAPANESE KIT. made from the real parts. Bolt can be cocked back, but can only be released after the magazine is removed. Asking $850 or will take possible trades. Any questions email me at: GWBLUEBERET@AOL.COM  Call me at : 615-339-4183         MIKE SEARS

Ammunition for Sale: 8mm Rifle, 9mm Pistol, just     10 Cents per round. Surplus, corrosive; expect some  misfires at this price.  Bill Price (615) 371-8027

FOR SALE:  Pre WWII nurses outfit.  Appears to be @ size 6.  Label name:  Stein uniform Company, Baltimore, Maryland, Size 34.  Has hat w/ veil, grey dress w/ belt and white cuffs, epulets, and collar.  Red Cross insignia on front of hat and breast pocket of dress.  Also includes USO chairman of Refreshment Committee ribbon, Little Rock, Arkansas.   Very good condition.  $100.  Contact Heather Price, 615.371-8027. 

For Sale

German M-36 Walking out dress Tunic Infantry 1st Lt. Few moth holes on inside flap but not noticeable from outside.  $1,000

WW2 German Officers Visor, Black Piped for (Engineers) Pioneer, no mothing VG $500

Dave Hoagey (615) 479-4569    or   dhoagey@comcast.net