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Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at the Piccadilly Cafeteria on Murfreesboro Road in Nashville at 6 pm.  Come join the fun on November 14, January 9, February 13, March 13, April 10, May 8, June 12, July 10, August 14, September 11, October 9, 2007.


WANTED:  Aircraft, WW2, L-5 Stinson, Observer Model. Must have low time L-0435 Engine, rebuilt wings and fabric less than 15 years old. AD’s and FAA annual must be current. Call: David Hoagey, TMCA member #5 at  615-859-5040  or email:    dhoagey@comcast.net

WANTED:  Third Reich German Christian (DC) items: any DC tinnies, DC yearbooks, etc. Note: The DC was a Lutheran Nazi organization (1927-45). Their symbol was a cross with swastika. Also need SA brown shirt with Sudwest (yellow/gold) collar tabs. Any 1940’s Reichsparteitage items (see 1940 Reichsparteitage medallion on page 9 of “Fascinating Relics of the Third Reich”). Always seeking Parti Franciste (French Fascist Party) items: note, they wore light blue uniforms, their “Storm Troopers” were called Legion Franciste. I am seeking BDM (Bundes Deutscher Madel) uniform items: winter jacket, beret, white summer tunic, etc. Call or write: Bob Lee, P.O. Box 465, Franklin, TN 37065. Phone: (615) 790-1420 home, day or night. “CONGRATULATIONS TMCA on the 30th Anniversary”. Bob Lee, TMCA Member #1

FOR SALE:  Third Reich Forestry Service Tunic and Visor, all original from same man. Exc. $1,000. call: Dan Lee 615-370-3220


The First TMCA Membership Card,  Number  #1

This card was issued in 1977 to Bob Lee: Life Member #1, the TMCA’s 1st President. The card is signed by Dr. Barry Brown: Life Member #2, TMCA Secretary at the time. Other early members included:  David Lawrence: Life Member and designer of the TMCA Logo. Jim Scott: Life Member #4, David Hoagey: Life Member #5, Tim Flynt: Life Member,  Warren & Brenda Clopper, Ronnie Townes, Haskell Richardson, Curtis Spraker, Charlie Suggs, Life Member #9, and numerous others. We now have 800+ members.

Upcoming Events

   OVMS Military Show, Ft Mitchell, KY  November 17,18, 2006   (513)-245-9540

   Nashville Civil War Show, Tennessee State Fairgrounds   December 2, 3, 2006    (615) 862-8980

   TMCA Xmas Party: December 12th from 6-9:PM, Historic Cool Springs House, Brentwood, TN